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Veolia PR & Marketing Campaigns

Venice managed Public Relations, marketing collateral and events, in partnership with REACTOR, LLC, for Veolia to help build awareness and credibility for their downtown Kansas City’s “District Energy” headquarters and eliminating coal from their River Market plant to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and leadership in sustainable business practices. Veolia won the 2015 Kansas City Industrial Council’s Gold Sustainability Award for implementing a “Zero Waste to Landfill” process that diverted more than 95% of the company’s waste from landfill. The Kansas City Star created a full-page feature on the announcement including video of the plant and online promotion.

Venice campaigned to share the news that Veolia’s “District Energy” heating and cooling process, was endorsed by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) as the most sustainable way to heat and cool cities. District energy is the production and distribution of energy that’s produced at a central plant and distributed to the community through an underground piping network, which helps reduce costs while improving redundancy and reliability. As seen on the attached graphic, district energy can produce up to 80% efficiency compared to conventional power sources that can produce up to 35% efficiency.

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