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HBA Home & Lifestyle Show 2019 – Bethenny Frankel and Tamara Day

HBA Home & Lifestyle Show 2019 – Bethenny Frankel and Tamara Day

'Vote Yes For Joco Public Safety'

“Vote Yes For Joco Public Safety”

Port KC - Berkley Riverfront

Port KC - Berkley Riverfront

DST Holiday eCard

DST Holiday eCard

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Venice Media Relations, Public Relations & Social Media Campaigns

Venice media relationships, public relations and social media strategies give clients a local and national outlet to advance change, grow their business, differentiate their product or service from the competition, manage brand messages and crisis communications or simply to build a fan base. Knowledge disseminated! Venice Media secures press coverage for clients in TV, print and radio outlets including national entities such as Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Opera America, PBS Newshour, CNN, The Oprah Show, Hollywood Reporter, USA Today, Engineering News Record, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, Country Gardens Magazine, CBS Sunday Morning and more.

Community Engagement

Leadership development and public engagement is about building consensus among stakeholders, solidifying relationships and turning those who fear into fans. Venice is sought after to manage expectations, advance ideas, facilitate meaningful discussions and reach consensus around viable outcomes for clients.

Venice is a seasoned facilitator in communications planning, community engagement and public affairs initiatives to build consensus for transportation and infrastructure projects. Venice facilitates leadership development using adaptive thinking to inert organizational change and team-building. The Venice team also implements strategic media and social outreach that effects community outcomes. Venice is a seasoned liaison between upper level management, stakeholders, political entities and governmental agencies.

Brand Strategy

Every brand has a face and a voice. Making both face and voice memorable and effective requires strategic thinking and creative concepting. Venice Communications brings strong strategic thinking to every branding challenge and uses the resulting strategy as the foundation for creative concepts that leave a powerful impression. We grow brands.

Integrated Marketing

As the name suggests, integrated marketing brings together a variety of tools and media to develop the most cost-efficient and effective marketing effort. An integrated marketing approach might involve some or all of the following:

Web Design

Web design is a special form of graphic design that requires a certain set of skills. Our designers know how to work in the digital environment to create sites that are both graphically attractive and user-friendly.

Web Development

The Web is still in its infancy. Venice Communications has been part of this rapidly expanding world almost from the beginning. We continue to grow and change with the technology.

We offer: