Venice Communications - Our Story

Storytelling for Business Community Growth

Jayne Siemens
President, Venice Communications


Our Story

A great marketing company has a lot in common with a great musical act. It takes different people with different talents working together, listening to each other, hitting the right notes, staying on the beat and playing their hearts out to grab and hold an audience.

But that’s just part of the performance. What goes on behind the scenes – the talent that’s never seen but makes sure everything looks and sounds terrific and runs smoothly – is just as important.

Venice Communications gets it. After all, the boss has been on the international music stage. She understands the magic that happens when strong talents collaborate, and that’s how she has built her company.

What does all this mean for our clients? Strategy that captivates. Storytelling that sings….businesses grow. Communications that sing. Messaging that rocks. And results that keep the fans screaming for more.

Venice Communications shapes change through strategic marketing. We bring together the best people in their discipline to build a creative communications company for the 21st century. In everything we do, our goal is to help our clients thrive.

To meet that goal, we constantly measure our progress. That way, both we and our clients can see how we’re doing at every step. In the end, there are no surprises, just successes. And we have the affiliations, clients and awards to back that statement up.

Measuring Success

At Venice Communications, we like accountability. It keeps everyone on track and provides the information we need to continually improve our services.

Here are the questions we ask ourselves as we carry out our work for our clients: